You may have already seen the Pop-Up Bow package design that I did several years ago. Well, I wish I had designed this UBER-COOL Pop-Up Bow Snow Globe in an Envelope!! It is VERY unique and you’ve got to see the video to get the full effect! You won’t believe it and you can get one for yourself very inexpensively! You can also click the photo here to link to the video.

Over the years, I’ve been a real estate broker and worked with many since then as a marketing strategist at THINK-TANK. Suffice to say that most real estate in Wichita, Kansas isn’t in the stratosphere price range! But, I was still intrigued with the marketing innovation that went into marketing a Malibu mansion. Click the graphic to see for yourself. Pretty cool. I don’t know if it’s sold yet or not, but I applaud the strategy!

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ProHome International, LLC is the largest post-construction warranty company in the country. The owners, Jack and Sue Salmans, wanted to substantially upgrade the “look and feel” of their site to match the professionalism for which they are known. Additionally, they wanted to be able to change the site themselves as franchisees changed addresses, phone numbers, etc. So, they asked THINK-TANK to create a WordPress site for them. We were able to accomplish ALL of this over a period of several months. The project included adding new updated videos in HD format as well as introducing a new way to show testimonials. You can see it HERE.

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There’s no doubt that TEDTalks have brought innovation, exploration, science, art, technology and the joy of learning to the world…for FREE. Well, their new concept, TED-Ed “flip,” ratchets the notion of interactive teaching and learning (for both professional educators as well as the rest of us) to a new high. Check out this introductory video to see if you might be able to use it for your next lesson, presentation or report.

Even though the “new” iPad has been released for just a few weeks now, there is a video that seems to demonstrate the potential for new “flex” displays. Obviously, what is shown appears to be an imaginative “made-to-look-real” demo, but the potential for innovation appears to be coming sooner rather than later. See what you think by watching the video. Click the graphic to see what it’s all about.

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LeeWood Retains THINK-TANK for New Web Site

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Several years ago, LeeWood (previously known as LeeWood Homes) asked us to design a new identity for them. This included a new logo and printed materials. They were so pleased with these results that they recently retained us to design their new web site. One of the key elements was that they wanted to be able to make basic updates themselves. We have a lot of expertise with this type of web design. If you are interested in this for your business, let us know.

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VIDEO: Is This What the iPad 6 May Offer?

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While you can rest assured that the iPad 3 or iPad HD (we’re not sure what the name will be for another 2 days now) is NOT the one shown in this concept video, it does offer a glimpse at what VERY COOL future technologies might offer. Take a look and judge for yourself.

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If you look around the THINK-TANK site for just a few minutes, you’ll see that we are all about “Unique Marketing Ideas to Set You Apart(sm).”

We have long advocated the use of resumés that break the mold of boring and “me-tooism (is that a word?).”

Now, a new firm is specializing in designing head-snapping resumés with some cool-looking designs. If you are wanting to stand out in the crowded job seeking marketplace, you should see what they offer HERE.

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Most people know that Apple has been involved with the education community for decades. Consider that their iTunes U offering on iTunes has a stunning amount of FREE content (mostly audio and videos) from leading universities from around the globe.

But, today, Apple unveiled a FABULOUS new initiative aimed at electronic textbook creation, delivery, distribution, use and pricing. Consider that many of the textbooks that will be offered in the new iBooks store will be under $15 (at least as presented today), students will be the beneficiaries of an array of interactive textbooks for a fraction of the cost of printed textbooks.

All of these books will be viewable on Apple’s iPad, of course.

Add to that the ability of teachers (or anyone for that matter) to create and deliver their own interactive books (textbooks or otherwise) and you have the beginnings of a major shift in education and learning. 

If you are an administrator, teacher or student wanting to catch a glimpse of the future of education, be sure to watch this introduction video. AMAZING stuff! Just a note: If you are on Windows, you’ll need to have Quicktime 7 to watch the video.

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As a real estate broker for nearly 25 years and with MANY real estate clients who have used THINK-TANK over the years to assist them with branding and marketing consultation, I have also been a fan of Apple for a long time. At the time the iPad was first introduced, I was fascinated with the potential for real estate agents who are more mobile than ever before and not so tied to their offices. After all, agents make their livings being out in the field with prospects. Was this idle speculation or is it coming to fruition?

Apple just profiled a “boutique” real estate firm in Austin, Texas which has embraced the concept full bore. See the details and watch the video HERE.